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Character Collide cylinder has bad interaction with physic mesh edge

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This is how I setup the scene to reproduce,

Case 1: Rotate and Scale a box brush to make 2 ramps object (Green one)

Case 2: Combine 2 Wedges to make the same as Case 1 (Gray one)


When I control character to walk on the edge, both cases cause character act weird, here is the video

Is there any good way to solve this problem ?


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I would set a little box between the 2 gray edges. Not sure if a solution but could be a walk-around ✌️

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I think this is due to a physics hack not being applied for the top of the ledge. There is a "walkable" bool for brushes, but I think that's not being called as the normal of the face is not (0,0,1).

What happens if you try a model like this?

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