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Forth demo 1

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Forth demo 1 (community project):



Below you can read the story.

About the end of 2018 i started a community project (forth).

We got 10 people join, we used this forums to organize , discord, git etc.

Some people contributed only at beginning , so there are actually 3 main contributors: mdgunn, slastraf and me.


Organizing was hard and trying to keep a focus.After much discussion a theme + game idea was chosen.

3rd person game with a combination of sf and fantasy theme.

Anyway tried my best with this and things moved along.

In retrospect using voice comms would have been a better solution.


Project can be seen here:



Slastraf was doing character controler and modelling.

mdgunn made a really good design document, and working on the first levels (cryo room etc).

Game drifted into a more sf setting and first person.


I learned lot of stuff and different workflows then i was used to , especially on modelling side and editor.

Even with the ruff edges and problems for me it was good times working on this project.

You learn so much more then working alone, so many thanks to mdgunn and slastraf.


Some work was done, then slow times also , lack of time and maybe a lack of communication at the moment is semi abandoned.

But the project has really good stuff in the git, so much work went into it.


So im releasing a demo with some of the levels for the community.

Its only parts of what we planned in the design document

.I linked the levels in a way it makes some sense, not finished.It contains 4 playable levels.

But it shows some original gameplay and will give you some idea what forth is about.


Below some screens



ship control room:


VR level


Dream level 1


Dream level 2


Cryo room



The cryo room was supposed to be the initial level of the game , but somehow arrived in a state that if you make any change and save it crashes the editor.

I included because is one of the best looking levels, wanted to link it to the others levels, even in unfinished state, but coudnt.


For the vr level read the text carefully.Or you will not understand the mechanic that let you pass in the other levels.

If you want to see individual level without following the game sequence use (loadlevel 1 to 5):

forth.debug.exe +loadlevel 1

I dont know if we ever finish this game , but i had to do this post.


Thanks everyone , this was long.

Hope you like it and any feedback apreciated.


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in the cemetery where never borned ideas are crackling silver dust under your feets, you could walk on tiny fossil bones bleeding out past hope of future memories.

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Maybe, but it was a worthy fight with good results.

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Happy to be a part of this.

As you said, lack of proper communication contributed pretty badly for the state of the project. Text communication is probably the worst of all forms. Voice would be good but the best would be in-person, though its impossible .
Hereby I propose that we could meet on a voice channel maybe discord some time soon.
Lets make more discussion about game design and make a better plan about everything (e.g. code documentation, asset list, map design etc.). 

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