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Hello again! Looking forward to Turbo :)

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Hi there,

some (few) might remember me from the old Blitz days, I see Naughty Alien hanging around here too. Just wanted to say hello and a big thanks to Josh to keep working and working to make this wonderful engine even better. Really looking forward to the next one called Turbo. :)

I currently use Unity but when looking at the feature set of v5 it's all I always wanted to have like streamed terrain and 64 bit doubles instead of floats. Plus modern C++ smart pointers, I'm already in love!


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Sure, I did a submarine game for mobiles and currently kind of a Fleet Command successor. ;) What are you doing?

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I am making a Tactical FPS, like Rainbow Six Ravenshield or Swat 4, this is an example of my game, it is outdated, I am gonna release a new demo of current dev in this April. stay tune :D 


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