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Built off the Cry Engine I believe.

Haven't used it myself but the latest release is suppose to be a big improvement over previous releases.

Surprised Josh let you post about it ;)

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Well I'm not advertising or working for any company.

I'm just thinking as customer about what is given, which way could be the best. 

Regarding the coming soon new engine I'm pretty sure even Josh has to keep an eye wide open on other offers.

My opinion:

I can just tell this Lumberyard is usefull to cast 4096*4096 heightmap .r16 ready to be imported :) and it has a good road tracer.

But an awfull script system: I find you have to program with a kind of flowgraph and I could not find a line of code. So for me this is no option.

No idea how to cast joints or vehicle. 

As always with a lot of "ready-to-use" features (as I found in Cryengine that I tried in the past) it is heavy to find a way how to understand and change this sytems to be able to build your own.



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