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To those who've learned Lua through Leadwerks...

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I have a fairly straight-forward question here...

For those who have learned, or who are learning Lua via Leadwerks, and are finding success in the process, what resources/methods are you using to learn?

I've been trying to learn, and can't seem to find a method that works for me, where what I'm doing "clicks". Online courses aren't doing it for me, because I'm finding there aren't very many good instructors out there. Wondering if maybe others have some suggestions that I haven't tried yet.

Thanks :)

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There's the API reference, which is useful if you have some familiarity with coding at all.


Also there's a lot of examples in the workshop, and on this forum, if you do a search for something specific. One of the guys used to have a video series that was really helpful but he deleted them. There's still a few guys in here who will help out (and Josh still responds to a lot, though I can't understand half the things he says).

This guy has a few tutorials. May be enough to jump start you:


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I don't know what to say, the only way to learn programming is by programming.

What has worked for me, tables that I use as classes, to attach to scripts entities, by simulating the behaviour of objects. So I think you can ask concrete questions, and you're sure to progress in your learning.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah, I've tried the "learn to program by just programming", but that leaves me scratching my head 'cause I'm not sure where to start, and don't know what the right questions even are to ask lol.

I guess I'll just have to dig in and see what I can do.

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Yeah man one nice thought is that everyone here was there at one point. I'm no genius and even I figured it out. Leadwerks really held up their end on the claim that this is the easiest way to learn to code games, imo.

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