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This shows the result of how a script is calculating and casting a road under different terrain conditions, various hills and various slopes, and a few exagerations.

The script is not casting a spline; it lets the road follow the terrain, as a group of workers would do if they had to build a road: They would not cut all hills to pass the road through, but let the road follow the hills and they would look that the road keeps straight in its large part. That's exactly what I wanted the tool to do.

If you want the road to be easy drivable and calm, just use the smooth terrain tool on the different place where the road should go; The road will just follow the terrain mouvement.


I can tell the roads are cast very quickly only using the start() function - only a few seconds for tons of road segments.

Such a road as in the video drops a little bit the FPS because it is made of 100 of little models generated, placed, textured and shaped, with max view range.

The performances for this is still very acceptable, after a few corrections done on the models size and tables incrementations variables. There is always the possibility to simply reduce the view range of the models to win more FPS.

At the end I can say it was very fun and challenging to make this tool, and I 'm really happy because it now works as I expected it should.



Here is a view from the editor: 

It is very simpe, just tell the sccript where you want the road to go through. It is not even necessery to place the markers on the terrain.

The road will start from "StartRoad" and go to "EndRoad", building a curve that will approach the "Curve" point.



Here is a littl bit of work in progress:

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