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resolution issue and windows scaling

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Think was discussed before somewhere on forum , but now i have a more clear case and is very bad:


  • resolution 3840x2160, scale factor 100%

game works just fine

  • resolution 3840x2160, scale factor 150%

crash with this error:

Structura start

Initializing OpenGL graphics driver...
OpenGL version 460
GLSL version 460
Device: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2
Error: Window is NULL
Window is NULL

This only happen when trying to use fullscreen, windowed is ok.

But for 150% scale + window mode theres another problem the window will be very large you cannot see everything.


Example on my machine , im getting the last graphics mode which is 4k:

  int cgm = System::CountGraphicsModes();
  iVec2 vgm = System::GetGraphicsMode(cgm);

Then i get a crash because im using 150% scale factor.


This happens also at 2560x1440, i just change resolution on desktop and put 150% scale and bang crash.


Im preparing for steam release and polishing things and i encountered this,

in current state if people buy the game is very probable that will not be able to play in full screen.


There is a workaround for this ?

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What I have discovered is that this works correctly if in the configuration of the card does not exceed a certain setting, look at this image. image.thumb.png.6ca3a68386519370e80860d0f120e2ab.png

If I use Ultra HD, HD, SD configuration, full screen problems. Now if I go down and leave this configuration in the lower resolutions, everything is fine. PC resolutions.







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Yes , because you get to have the 100% scale for those resolutions.

Setup small resolution and increase scale and boom.


The problem i describe is still there , you dont know how each player could have setup the windows scale ...

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Well, I think there is no solution to this, I've been at it for a long time. It's terrible for a game user and that its resolution scaling doesn't work, but I think that nothing can be done.

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I have weird issues with ingame screensize options as soon as I put my windows resolution on 2715 x 1527 (2.00x)

Everythig works allright with windows set at 1980x1080

Look at those crazy values maybe this could help solve this:

Seems that the bug (or a part of it) runs out of System:GetGraphicsMode() when windows uses "super" resolutions.



That could be a work around: 

You Look at the second method, I tested it and it really runs ok. 

so you could in theory switch with this tool the windows resolution before your game start to a common resolution like 1600x1024, then let the user plays with the Leadwerks options  ( that should  run ok)

At the end the tool should be return the gamer's windows resoluiton to the origine one.


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A lot of games have problems running at anything other than 100 or 200% scaling. I see this all the time in my steam catalog. The problem is that the Windows "emulation" of non-DPI aware apps is flawed and reports back wrong screen resolutions, or something like that. If someone is using an odd scaling, your game is not the first one they have seen with this issue.

in the new engine I worked through all these details and made the GUI resolution-independent. I had to redesign the GUI so it would scale or else it would appear tiny on a screen with 200% scaling.

There is a command called SetProcessDPIAwsre in windows you could try calling when your game starts.

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