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Leadwerk website bug

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Hello, hope you are all doing ok.

So, I don't really know if it's the right place to post this but I think I've just encountered a bug on the website. My brother wanted to try the Demo for Twisted Minds and he just received a file with the name TwistedMindsDemo_zip.DA3C5A6A3FD2D71136F973E729354A5F. We've been looking for a cause, I've recompiled the game, re-zipped the game, nothing helped. Well, I couldn't upload the game (105Mb), the server always returned an error message. 

To test if it was from my end or from Leadwerk's server end, I've tried download other games, and same result. I would always get a file like gamename_zip.RANDOMNUMBERANDLETTERS. I don't know since when this happened, but just a couple of weeks ago everything was working fine. I could download my and others games.

Edit: Before submitting this topic I went to my game's page and try re-downloading the game but now I got this: (second image below)



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Google Chrome does not allow renaming of downloaded files, so this is just the way the system works and I can't change it. You have to remove the string of random characters at the end so Windows recognizes it is a zip file.

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