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Really good. It seems you're almost at the finish line.

Speaking of what's left to do, have you decided on vs project generation? Or are you going to do what you did in Leadwerks? (Copy solutions, rename a string macro.)

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Another update has added vertical scrolling on text area and tree view widgets. Drag-and-drop tree view widgets now automatically scroll the panel when you drag near the top or bottom of the widget. Timer problems with some repeat events have also been fixed. Menus and combobox popups have been made a bit darker for better contrast with the window contents.

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Another update adds horizontal scrolling on text area and tree view widgets, which finishes out all the functionality I wanted. (This is something the scene tree in LE4 never had.)

I also fixed a bug in the SVG loader (I think) that was causing a random crash during loading.

I developed this all on a monitor with 125% scaling before I had the scaling worked out, so I think everything is about 25% too big. I want to go through and compare all the element sizes to the approximate sizes in the win32 interface.

Color scheme system needs to be worked out and finalized.

And I need to make our little project manager app to create new projects and select recent ones.

I'll probably move on to the documentation first, because that will allow people to start using the SDK faster.



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2 minutes ago, aiaf said:

Looking good, would be great to use from linux.

What is the plan for linux support ?

The people were given a chance to make this happen, and they chose not to at this time. Maybe in the future after the initial software is released they will make a different choice.

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