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Vec3 vs vec3

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When using vec3, the coordinates should be noted with small letters (x,y,z), like GLSL does, and also NASA.

When using Vec3, the coordinates should be noted with capital letters (X,Y,Z), like in the C/C++ headers, or Panda3D (although it's a pure C++ API, so it uses getX() and setX() instead).

I find it a bit confusing, and hard to port code between LUA and C/C++, when LUA uses Vec3.x, and not vec3.x or Vec3.X.

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I think lower-case vec3() feels nicer, but what is the rule that makes it so? All other commands are capitalized. Should math constructors be lower-case?

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I think it's more a general programming language convention, where either everything is lowercase, or everything starting with a capital letter (and in the middle also, seperating words). Sometimes there are also lowercase beginning letters, and then capital letters in the middle, but that's very ugly, like in Java and JavaScript.


Normally in C everything is lowercase, and underscore is used as word seperator, but as nobody has a pure C compiler anymore, but a C/C++ compiler, and C has also developed a bit (to C99, which is almost like C++), where I think it's OK to use commands starting with capital letters, just like in C++, where it is the standard.


I would use in LUA the same convention as in the C headers, which means everything starts with capital letters, and has them also as word seperators. It would mean that Vec3.X should be used.

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