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All my trees from Dexsoft packs came with two textures .. one for the trunk and one for the leaves, so I'm not quite sure whats going on there. They sometimes provide an image of the whole tree to be used as a billboard for the final LOD.

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All my trees from Dexsoft packs came with two textures .. one for the trunk and one for the leaves, so I'm not quite sure whats going on there. They sometimes provide an image of the whole tree to be used as a billboard for the final LOD.



I bought the vegetation pack 1. http://www.dexsoft-games.com/bundles/vegetation1.html


This is what I got as an example of oak2 folder.


15/05/2008 19:28 355,480 oak1_bw.tga

23/03/2008 10:35 1,358,741 oak1_c.tga

25/03/2008 15:50 1,388,477 oak1_n.tga

15/05/2008 19:28 142,014 oak1_o2.tga

23/03/2008 10:54 142,014 oak1_op.tga

15/05/2008 19:27 361,494 oak1_sp.tga

15/05/2008 20:45 298,608 oak2_lod.png

17/05/2008 11:43 100,997 oak2_lod.tga

16/05/2008 11:16 40,654 oak_2.3ds

18/05/2008 17:01 38,100 oak_2.b3d

18/04/2009 11:04 87,091 oak_2.dae

18/04/2009 11:04 203,408 oak_2.fbx

18/04/2009 10:45 53,502 oak_2.lwo

18/05/2008 17:59 2,839,580 oak_2.mdl

18/05/2008 16:59 109,149 oak_2.ms3d

16/05/2008 11:16 348 oak_2.mtl

16/05/2008 11:16 102,780 oak_2.obj

18/05/2008 17:00 137,024 oak_2.txt

16/05/2008 11:15 156,754 oak_2.x

16/05/2008 11:16 836 oak_2_lod.3ds

18/04/2009 11:05 4,896 oak_2_lod.dae

18/04/2009 11:05 19,376 oak_2_lod.fbx

18/04/2009 11:05 1,338 oak_2_lod.lwo

18/05/2008 18:01 348,676 oak_2_lod.mdl

18/05/2008 17:06 965 oak_2_lod.ms3d

16/05/2008 11:16 329 oak_2_lod.mtl

16/05/2008 11:16 730 oak_2_lod.obj

18/05/2008 17:07 937 oak_2_lod.txt

16/05/2008 11:15 4,381 oak_2_lod.x

15/05/2008 20:47 263,222 o_lod_o2.bmp

15/05/2008 20:48 175,917 o_lod_o2.tga

15/05/2008 20:48 55,855 o_lod_op.tga



Contents of oak2.mtl and shows only the full image.



# Wavefront material file

# Converted by the DEEP Exploration Deep Exploration 5 Release

# Right Hemisphere, LTD

# http://www.righthemisphere.com/



newmtl oak1Mat

Ka 0 0 0

Kd 1 1 1

Ks 0.0075 0.0075 0.0075

illum 2

Ns 22.6274

map_Kd oak1_c.tga










The file oak1_c.tga is the full texture and when converting using obj2gmf it produces 1 surface looking for oak1_c.mat


Also I notice if I convert using obj2gmf the tree is on it's side in the scene in model viewer, but correct when converting the fbx versions.


Seems that some trees do have 2 textures, but others not.

Not sure if others have come across these trees yet then I guess.

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Yes, you are right. I'd previously converted the Balm, Cherry, Birch and GiantWood trees from the vegetaion pack which all had seperate textures for the trunk and foliage (bbarkCo.tga and bBushCo.tga in the case of the balm tree ... normal and specular textures are included too). Following your post I've now checked the oak_01 and oak_02 models and they do indeed only reference a single texture. I had never converted those as I wasn't that impressed with those particular models.


Not really sure what you can do about that other than find some alternate textures for them and UV map them in something like Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro or some other suitable application.


This was one of their earliest vegetation packs and does not have the quality of some of the later one's imho.

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In UU3D you could split them by UV, then make a copy of the single texture using a suffix like 2 or b and then add it as a new material group and asign one to the trunk and one to the leaves this would allow using a seperate shader on each, keeping the original UV mapping.

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Yeah. I got UU3d Pro, but I am a programmer first, so was kinda hoping not to have to dig into that, but I guess I will have a play then cutting up the image.


Image is 50/50 so easy to cut it and make 2.


Murphy's Law I would choose the first one to convert that has an issue from 150 odd models I bought. lol.


Thanks for help tho guys.

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About Dexsoft packs, I have recently purchased the fantasy House and Blacksmith packs, but when I tried to insert the houses in the Leadwerks Editor I didn't succeeded to activate a correct physic for collision (even if I set collision to "Scene" in their properties and tried to re-create the .phy file with the LE phy-tool) and the character pass through the house walls. I'd like to know if any other purchased the medieval houses from them and succeeded to have collisions work (and how).

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