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KDE was already in 1996, and their logo looked like this:


But anyway, I think it's good that the KDE logo is complementing the LE logo, since they belong together ;)

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I like what's on the top of the page now because it is simple, distinctive, and easily recognizable. The lack of a square icon was really bugging me before. I finally realized the Steam icon has the same problem, and they solved it just by putting the icon inside a box with rounded corners. I don't know why I never thought of that before.


With that simple change, we have a really kickass icon everyone can be proud of and rally behind.

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I'm now wondering why I hadn't noticed the link between LE and KDE. It's been at the bottom left of my desktop for nearly 2 years now...

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I think the icon looks a bit bare, especially when it's large, after all, we are missing the bottome left quadrant.


Perhaps you should put the old logo (the boxes) in where the empty space is :lol:

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