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Richard Simpson

Is there an app for texture painting?

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I use Google Sketchup to make my 3d models, but Sketchup doesn't come with texture painting. I am wondering if anyone knows of a program where I can import my models and paint details onto my meshes. I can't afford anything like Modo.. and Blenders paint feature seemed to be low quality when I tried it. :) Thanks.

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Sculptris can sculpt and paint, and it's free.


I tried this, and it's no good for my needs. If I import a textured mesh, the textures don't come in with it, and painting a complex mesh would be too tricky. ;)



Maybe the following tool is interesting for you. :)




That looks cool. Great price too! Thankyou. :D

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Mari is too expensive :(. And I'll take a look at 3DCoat, thanks DaDonik ;)


You can also do this in the last several versions of Photoshop.

I don't think CS3 supports this. :( It would make more sense to upgrade this than buy another 3D application though. Thanks gamecreator.

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3d coat is by far my preference - its a beautifully intuitive program to use. Its nice and quick at baking in Ambient occlusion for characters etc, and painting in realtime is abreeze with the software

I use it for everything!



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