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When I use pointentity to make enemies point to main character(player) it makes the enemy glide toward main character. Is this an intended feature of pointentity . When I noticed this tendency I thought I might as well use the enrmy walk animation sunce the darned thing is moving anyway.





If stopanim = False

If EntityDistance(jane,knight) < 7 And EntityDistance(jane,knight) > 1



ElseIf EntityDistance(jane,knight) < 1

PointEntity( knight,jane)





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No it was mving without the knight_walk function,I just thought if its gonna move I might as well use thewalk function.

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Hello team!!

After read learn page with the example and this thread I'm still trying to use and understand PointEntity... But i can't make this go to walk...

¿Could you help me? I have a scene with only 3 elements in there:

  1. A camera named: MobileCamera
  2. A model named: SpaceShip
  3. A brush called: Earth


I want make MobileCamera (with Script called PointToShip.lua) always point to SpaceShip, but my code or my bad sintax doesn't work...

This is my code:

Entity1 = GetEntityByName("MobileCamera")
Entity2 = GetEntityByName("Spaceship")

function Script:Start()

function Script:UpdateWorld()

I have read @Rick thread-topic about this command. But i don't understand to make success the sintax anyway...

Many thanks!!

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This thread is from 2011. There is no PointEntity anymore, it is Point.


self.entity is the entity the script is attached to.


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I had forgotten this thread.It was about le 2.

Its the follow function along with point that makes enemy follow main character.

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