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File Name: GMFConverter

File Submitter: tkunze

File Submitted: 13 Nov 2011

File Category: Tools


as model scaling is still an issue i uploaded my model converter i created a while ago. The converter can work on single file or directory level so you can rescale all files in a directory.


This includes scale to a fixed height (e.g. 2 units) or by a factor.


It also converts whole packages which are provided in OBJ, FBX or GMF and creates material files automatically.

There is a full manual (readme.doc) included.


The tool will not change your input files. It creates a subfolder output which contains the new created GMF files.


Feature List:

  • Scale models with a defined scale factor
  • Scale models to a defined height
  • Provide individual scale/height factors for each model in the folder
  • Convert OBJ or FBX files to LeadWerks GMF
  • Convert BMP, JPG or PNG to DDS
  • Create all MAT files (diffuse, bumpmap or specular)
  • Floor model
  • Swap Axis (e.g. if Z axis is used as height )
  • Correct model matrix after FBX conversion


Click here to download this file

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every time when I use this, my models won't load up in the engine nor model viewer. I use 2.5 and it gives a: exception_acces_violation. what does that mean?



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