More animation problems I'm afraid [Solved]

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I have some more problems with my animations. Macklebee helped me with get them going last night and that was awesome, did not understand that you use the blending value to select which one to run.


This time I have a new problem which I can't understand.

Watch this video and you will understand what I mean

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Game Producer: Maybe not the best quality but in full screen mode the code is fully readable, but thats not the important part. Didn't you understand my Swedish version of English, was it so bad :) Anyway, thanks for watching though


Gabriel: Yeah .... real severe problems ;)


macklebee: So I didn't get it as I though I did. Well, then it was a good thing of me to write "I'm not so smart as I thought I was" in my blog.

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working on an example for you... will post in a PM so I do not have to put assets into a public forum...


EDIT: Found possible bug but was able to get it to work... sent a PM to Josh with an example to comment on..

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The problem is solved now thanks to help by our macklebee.

Thanks for you attention


@Game Producer

Good to hear. Its a bit scary to speak english when you has not training at all other than the TV :blink:

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Hi Flexman. The problem was me and maybe a bug or sort off bug.


My character model is included in the Scene file (.sbx) and is just a mesh with a skeleton i a T-Pose.

My intention was then to load each animation from separated gmf-files using LoadAnimation.

I have no LOD files.


My first problem was that did not understand they way blending works. Blending is used to switch betweem the different animations.

They was I did it was wrong so I ended up having alla animations blending turn on at the same time, with very strange results.

Now the code ensure that when I select a new animation the old blending is turned of, and that solved that problem


My second problem was that LoadAnimation did not work as expected.


int seqNo = LoadAnimation( characterEnt, "abstact::idle_anim.gmf" ); // this animation will cause at totally distored model when used


The solution that macklebee came up with was


int seqNo = LoadAnimation(GetModelLODEntity(characterEnt,1),"abstract::idle_anim.gmf") ;



int seqNo = LoadAnimation(GetChild(characterEnt,1),"abstract::idle_anim.gmf");



Taken those things into concideration everything works fine now :P

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The solution that macklebee came up with was

well i cant take credit for coming up with it... i just figured out the LoadAnimation is looking for a mesh and not the model... i had seen similar at one time when i was making my animation script for loading separate gmfs... but my final script took into account LODs whether they existed or not so the problem solved itself and i never took the time to track down what was causing it until i saw your issue and it reminded me.

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