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Needs boyfriend


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Yes AnniXa. I did say that "I'm to old for you", not that "you are to young for me".... or is that the same thing B)

Anyway. No one will dare to have a flirt with a girl with black sunglasses. Perhaps you are some Black OP's agent

under cover, trying to collect secrects about the inner mechanisms of Leadwerks : ;)

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To be honest, this forum is the wrong place to flirt.


For starters, I am the only exciting person here - your problem being is that I am rather hard-to-get.


Most people are on these forums to talk about algorithms and stuff. Probably 1% even bother with a thread in the Off Topic section.


Basically, in a nutshell, the type of guy that comes here just isn't interested in girls.


If you were an iPad 3, you'd probably be spoilt for choice.

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You can't love someone before you meet her/him, you can't love her/him either when you are living with her/him, but you can only love her/min when she/he's gone. Then you know it was real love.


Do you mind? I've only just eaten. Now I'll have to compensate with a midnight snack...

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