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Disappointed with BMX namespace system

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I was going to try moving the Leadwerks3D code into a leadwerks.leadwerks3d module, but I discovered the namespace system doesn't really work when you try to override BRL's classes.


You CAN specify brl.stream.TStream or leadwerks.leadwerks3D.TStream, but you get problems when you try importing another file in your code. Even if your imported code file includes both modules and explicitly declares the variable type using the namespace, the program still can't compile. huh.gif


The whole module/namespace system doesn't seem to be designed like it was meant to be taken seriously. Since BMX is free updates for life, I don't really this improving. dry.gif


I just reverted to the last SVN commit and will continue prefixing all functions and types with "LE".

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I got a reply from Mark Sibly pretty quickly. It may work out so we can have a more standard module without the command prefixes...

:) leMoveEntity(...) is not big deal. Working with Xors3D all commands are same, just "x" prefix there, so no big trouble with this.

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The current version of BMX will work with some combinations of modules, and not with others, so it's partially fixed. Since I would have to send additional examples to Mark, describe the problem, test his results on Windows and Mac, and no one else seems to be even doing this, I am not going to pursue it.


I am just writing here because this is an example of knowing when to quit something that isn't important. The benefits of using a module namespace are not overwhelming, and continued testing would eat more resources than I want to devote to this. It works fine now with the "le" prefix on everything, and doesn't require any additional effort, so I am moving on.

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