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Has anyone ever used this before? It looks amazing for all the components and languages it supports and th ease of use simply looks amazing. You can get it all for like $300. It almost seems to good to be true so wanted to see if anyone has personal experience with it before I would purchase it.

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I'm not sure if that is simply just a set of wrappers or not, but I'd imagine they are. All that functionality can be gained from external libraries significantly cheaper. Their interface may arguably be better however.

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Yeah from what I can see the interface is extremely simple to use, which I'll gladly pay for. Nothing I hate more than working with hundred of lines of code to do something that could be wrapped up in about 5.

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You might have a look at Qt also, it contains lots of useful commands for all kinds of stuff you need in games and apps. For example http access, database classes (for various database systems, including sqlite3), signal/slot event system, model/view classes for gui, gui skinning including all OS styles and custom styles, graphical gui editor, etc...


Here's an overview of the features:


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