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BlitzMax Setwater

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I have downloaded the Demo Version of the Leadwerks Engine an wanted to test it with blitzmax.


So i also wanted to test out the water:




but the compiler says:


Compile Error: Identifier 'setwater' not found

Build Error: failed to compile


But most other fuctions are working, such as lightning, physics,...


Can you tell me please how it works with blitzmax?

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BlitzMax is a bit different than any other language, because it doesn't use the standard engine.dll. So you have to start your program like this:

Framework Leadwerks.Engine
Import "d:/le/Framework/Framework.bmx"

Or whereever you installed Leadwerks Engine, I put it in D:LE because C: is for system only :)

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Thank you for your Answers..


I have tried it now to add the Import Command:


Now the COmpiler says:


Compile Error: Identifier 'TFramework' not found

Build Error: failed to compile C:/Leadwerks Engine SDK/BMX/Framework/commands.bmx


The Error occurs in Line:


Function SetWater(mode:Int)




...in the commands.bmx


I have not found any documntations, books or more advanced tutorials for leadwerks with blitzmax.

Do you some Documents?

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