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One Problem

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I use Leadwerks Engine 2.5 Evaluation, but in it there is one problem. In lua i use function of SetPositionf, but result not display. In what may be the problem?

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I tried to change the position of emitter, in FirePit. But he remains at the center, no change.

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i not used this is function Update. in this was problem.

Update() function is called every frame. So it's not the best place to call SetPositionf() if you just want to place an emitter in certain position. But it's suitable if you want to move the emitter.


I used Update() function just because it was the simplest way to see (and show) result immediately.

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I think it happens because position of emitter overrides in UpdateMatrix() function. UpdateMatrix() occurs every time when you place or move your firepit in Editor.


Use something like Move() function in UpdateMatrix() to shift emitter in desired position.


    function object:UpdateMatrix()
		    self.fire:Movef(0,1,0) --move fire up a little

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