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"can't load scripts/class"

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I have the following code:


// Set graphics mode
LEO::Engine engine(AppTitle,ScreenWidth,ScreenHeight);
if( !engine.IsValid() )
ErrOut( "Failed to set graphics mode.");
return 1;
engine.AddAbstractPath( MediaDir );

// Create framework object and set it to a global object so other scripts can access it
LEO::Framework fw;
if(fw == NULL)
ErrOut("Failed to initialize engine.");
return 1;

// Set Lua framework object
engine.SetObject( "fw", fw );

// Set Lua framework variable
LEO::Lua lua;
lua.PushObject( fw );
lua.SetGlobal( "fw" );
lua.Pop( 1 );

LEO::Model skybox("abstract::environment_atmosphere.gmf");


Leadwerks is installed to "D:\Leadwerks\SDK", which is what the "MediaDir" value contains.


I'm trying to add a skybox to the test, and when it hits the line that loads the one provided with the SDK, I get an error message that says "can't open scripts/class". The console has the following text regarding this problem:


Loading model "d:/leadwerks/sdk/models/entities/environment/atmosphere/environment_atmosphere.gmf"...

Loading mesh "d:/leadwerks/sdk/models/entities/environment/atmosphere/environment_atmosphere.gmf"...

Loading material "d:/leadwerks/sdk/materials/effects/invisible.mat"...

Loading script "d:/leadwerks/sdk/models/entities/environment/atmosphere/environment_atmosphere.lua"...

Lua error: [string "d:/leadwerks/sdk/models/entities/environment/atmosphere/environment_atmosphere.lua"]:3: attempt to call global 'CreateClass' (a nil value)


So...what am I doing wrong now?

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