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So I am trying to get an idea of how I might be able to make a portal system simuler to that in the game portal and portal 2.

I am guessing it would be a object for each portal that creates a camera with it which than sends the image mirrored to the other portal, I have'nt actually tried this yet but the idea seems sound to me.

What I can't figure out is how to make it work as a doorway between the two portals that the charecter, which as I would likely do it would be mainly a controlled camera and object for the guns and such on screen, might be able to pass through from one part of a scene to another.

Given if the travel problem were solved I am not sure if a camera displaying mirrored images between portals would even be needed.

Anyone have any ideas that might help make this work eventually?

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..i was messing with it some times back..what I did was not any rendered image captured on portal transition spot, but actual certain spaces player eventually travel trough..so, what i did is something i call 'oclussion trigger', basically bounding space of certain level zones (can be any number based on designer decision), clipping any geometry passing in to its bounding space, long as camera is inside that 'oclussion trigger'..it works over any level complexity, and you could very easy 'portalize' anywhere .. that was small protype project for SONY PS3 we did december last year..i dont know where is it going now, but we got some money from Sony :D ..

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Awosome thanks for the great feedback.

I will have to look into some of this and see what happens.

I never even thought to check the portal commentary, and this sounds a lot more workable than what I was thinking of trying which would be to have the charecter terminated as its position matched a certain location with the portal and than have it created at the other portal but I figured it would have had some big problems such as a momentary blackout if it worked at all.

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The portal technology was as far as i know at first implemted by the game "Prey".

i Loved that prey game when it was comming out, and then when i played portal from the orange box it feelt like prey without alines to me :)

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