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Lua like framewerks without framewerks

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Hey, i want to use the lugi thing for a server application wich is not using leadwerks at all.


I found this on blitzmax forums:




its from joshk smile.png


i tried it with the following:



Include "glue.bmx" 'the generated gluecode
Global lua:TLua = New tlua 'create the tlua type
Type test {expose}
Method foo()
	Print "say ausgefuehrt"
End Method
End Type


the content of the str string is this: (moved it out for better reading)


local dings = NewTest()


the result that i got is:


Lua error: [string "print("test:")..."]:3: attempt to index local 'dings' (a function value)


executing a lua script works fine, but i the object pushing ist not working sad.png


Dies someone knows what i made wrong?



it looks like i just made an . instead of an :

so nevermind this thread, and sorry for bugging.

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