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Editor Options, Editor.in and LUA commands

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I can see that the choice made in the Editor Options dialog are saved to Editor.ini.

Now I'm trying to find out which LUA command each option line in Editor.ini corresponds to.

Anyone that can help me with filling in the blanks?


Editor.ini LUA Command

Trilinear_Filter TFilter

Anisotropic_Filter AFilter

FOV ???

TextureQuality SetTextureQuality

Physics_Quality SetPhysicsQuality

modeldetail ???

ShadowQuality SetShadowQuality

reflectionquality SetReflectionElements

VerticalSync Flip

terrainshadows ???

grassshadows SetVegetationShadowMode (exist in C++, not in LUA??? )

Godrays SetGodrays


Antialias SetAntialias


Bloom SetBloom

DOF SetNearDOF or SetFarDOF ???

doffarrange SetNearDOFRange or SetFarDOFRange ???

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i had at one time a scripted object posted in the asset store that actually allowed you to set all of the standard items that are listed in the editor. Then if you loaded your scene the same settings would be automatically available in your program. But unfortunately with all the forum data losses and me not being able to access my LE stuff for several more weeks, I can't load it up for you... perhaps someone that downloaded it can post it for you.


but in any case,

ModelDetail(integer) - integer sets the LOD model reference where 0 is the highest level of detail


Depth Of Field commands = http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Framework#Depth_of_Field_Commands

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Yes I know macklebee... I did download that and had an accidental wipe off of all my files (which I even blogged about) so its gone for me also :)

Anyway.. thanks

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