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Distance to picked point

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no its not listed as a command but i found it in lua a long time ago by accident when i tried to make my own function as well and used the obvious name for the function, PointDistance()... and i noticed it turned blue in the ScriptEditor as it was recognized... i mentioned it to josh at the time and he didnt seem too concerned about putting it in the wiki / forum docs... i assume since its basic math...

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Is there any command to get distance from point x, y, z to x2, y2, z2. I need to get distance from camera position to picked position.


If you put a pivot at your picked position you could use EntityDistance(camera, pivot);.

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Wait... let me get this right.... instead of steps like this:


1. PointDistance(TVec3. LE::TVec3) // If you are in bmax or LUA, otherwise simple math funciton in C++


You do this:


1. CreatePivot();

2. PositionEntity(pivot, Vec3);

3. GetEntityDistance(pivot, camera);


.... I don't see the logic here.

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Looks like he tagged this post as BMax. Sounded like PointDistance() is a Lua function? Could be wrong, but that's how I read the post by macklebee. If the language/library I was using already had the function, then for sure use it. If not then for me, it's about not having to think about it or implementing it every time I do a new project (which is often). I'm not very organized so I don't keep a library of common code really. I know the function already exists in LE but it just so happens it needs an entity, so this is a way to do that with using just LE code that's easier for me to remember.


So I guess for me it's not about logic, it's about laziness. smile.png

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