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The Mumbles begging thread

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Almost like a bolt from the blue I find myself suddenly relying on the generosity of others. With only a couple of months warning, I find myself needing to move to a totally different area of the country. Without putting too fine a point on it, shall we say it's to do with healthcare. Whilst our NHS is famed as being a free service for poor people like me, it's not always as fast as we'd like. Now I'm waiting for an operation, but because my condition isn't yet life threatening, the waiting list where I live is two years. However move 100 miles away to Yorkshire, and it drops to three months - it's a no brainer really, I need to move now rather than wait until I get any worse.



Here however comes a problem, and where I find myself in an extreme situation, having to ask what would normally be unaskable, such is my level of desperation. In order to move into a new area, you really need to have a flat, since employers don't have a habit of employing people "of no fixed abode" as the lawyers call it. Equally though, when applying to landlords they will want to contact your current or previous employer (within 6 months) employer to make sure you're not going to be a bad tenant. Since I've not officially been employed for the last 6 years now (have been a full time carer looking a sick relative), I'm stuck in the catch 22.



There's only really one way out of it, I'll have to sell all my worldly goods and then use the proceeds to pay an entire 6 month tenancy upfront. Problem is my laptop and netbook will come to about £250 combined but my main computer is probably far too old. Who wants an Athlon 64 X2? How about 2GB of DDR2-800? Or some Creative speakers from about 1997? A keyboard with some of the letters rubbed away? I think the most valuable component I have is a GeForce 8800 GT, which you can buy for £50 brand new. so uh... Might get £500 for selling my computers. Anyone here know a landlord in Yorkshire who will accept that for a 6 month tenency? And that doesn't even consider the council tax.



Of course I have two alternatives, but I really don't want to consider them. One of them I know is definitely illegal, and the other I'm not too sure on legality, but it's so degrading and dehumanising that I'm sure you've figured out what I'm getting at. This, is my level of absolute desperation.



Despite what I've said above I wouldn't be happy accepting a donation if it was more than someone's disposable weekly income. Likewise I don't really want someone's savings either. Well obviously, that's not true, but I wouldn't be happy accepting them because as of right now, I have no idea when I'd be in a position to repay.


Othwerwise, if anyone here could help contribute towards the costs, and/or knows of family/friends who could also help, I'd of course be most grateful.


Also, whilst I will be selling my computers, I won't be deleting my account here. Internet cafés etc will at the very least, give me a fast way to see at a glance, who I owe.



I'm a girl of pride - I don't normally like to ask for help, preferring instead to help others. I certainly wouldn't be asking for such a monumental favour if things weren't so desperate. But I guess what are the alternatives? Leave it two years, or until they decide my condition is life threatening? Or perhaps pay for private treatment, and start begging for something in the region of £20,000?


So time for me to swallow my pride, and face the music: For those who can help, and are prepared to, here was the beggar's button...

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Have you tried contacting your local member of parliment o( He/She should have some clout.) or possibly the citezens advice people. There are people who know of this situation and are working to do something about it.Or maybe your local newspaper could give your local authority some unwanted publicity and get them to shorten the waiting time.

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Or maybe your local newspaper could give your local authority some unwanted publicity and get them to shorten the waiting time.


To be honest, if there's only so much money to go around, I'm sure it's more appropriate to help people who are far less fit and active than I am. At the moment, I'm still very healthy and you wouldn't know there was anything wrong by looking at me. If Yorkshire think they've got the money for this, when the North West is struggling, then I'd totally say just move short term. (Yorkshire's waiting lists is larger, and there's fewer people on it in the first place)


You know, I might right now be looking after my mum who had a stroke in 2004, and then a heart attack in 2009, but equally my brothers are old enough to help now. If they can manage while I move to Yorkshire, wait out the waiting list and then wait out all the red tape involved, then I'm sure we'll all get through it all.


Also, it's a case of: Who am I? Why am I so important that I deserve a shorter waiting time than anyone else in the North West? To me, the answer is that I don't, because I'm no one special, and should wait the same amount of time that anyone else would be expected to...

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The uk government have stated recently that you can go anywhere for treatment. Its up to local authority to comply with that ruling.

Or so I am told.

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I'm not too sure to be honest, That sounds a bit like the GP consortia thing, which I believe isn't in force until mid next year at the earliest... If it's something else, then I've not heard of it.

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You can move to my 2 acres farm, lots of room smile.png

So far we have only 2 Leadwerks Developers living in the farm, but more are welcome.

I have also another house in more urban environment, but I will probably sell it soon.


The benefits for you would be free and fast health care (there's not many people in Finland, but we pay tons of taxes for healthcare), free living including house and food, free exercise by mowing grass, chopping burning woods, walking with the dog, etc.... All kinds of things which are more like fun and exercise than work smile.png



Additionally you could also work for our Leadwerks 3 game projects, and get a percentage of the profits.

The house rules are obvious: you need to have Debian 6 64-bit (and optionally Windows 7 64-bit) on your PC installed.

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I'm still very healthy

That sounds a bit like the GP consortia thing, which I believe isn't in force until mid next year


Obviously I don't know anything about your condition (as you provided no information), but given you're still healthy wouldn't the wise thing be to wait it out? I've known several people go through the NHS from different areas of the country, and if something is genuinely bad they're never just left on a waiting list. The waiting lists will have spaces in for emergency procedures and such, so if your condition was to change you would be taken care of. Two years is frankly absurd, there is definitely room to fight this before you go up rooting your life for six months.

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