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Find bones

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Alright, so i am now trying to find bones from soldier.gmf entity, but i am getting pretty strange results.


This code:

soldier = loadmesh("abstract::soldier.gmf")
positionentity(soldier, vec3(-6, 2, 63))
Print "X "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).X
Print "Y "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).Y
Print "Z "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).Z


Is outputting this:

X 0.000000000
Y 0.992219925
Z -0.0203169920


What am i doing wrong. Same thing occurs when i try to find child named "Bip01 Head".

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It is returning exactly what it is supposed to return, which is the local position in relation to the parent. If you are trying to get the global position values of the Bip01 bone then you have to set the global parameter in EntityPosition() to 1.

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