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Got myself 3D Coat! Whoooohoooooooo...!

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Hello all,


As the title says, I'm quite happy! biggrin.png

Received the full version of 3D Coat today! Yes! smile.png

Been trying the trial out for a few weeks, and I was very pleased with the product (I thank Roland for discovering 3D Coat smile.png!). Thanks, man!

3D Coat is another sculpting program, but it uses voxels instead. I've tried ZBrush for a while, but for me it's a bit too expensive, plus it's harder to learn from my experience. Not saying that ZBrush is bad, though. I guess everyone has it's preferences and is more comfortable working with some programs than others. wink.png

Personally, what I like a lot in 3D Coat, are the retopology, texture painting (diffuse, normal, spec...), uv mapping, and also the nice exporting tools (polygon reduction, etc...). Of course, there are a lot more nice options in 3D Coat, but I haven't discovered/tried all the features yet. Still learning the ropes, heheh!

There are some nice video tutorials about the software, so I'll be spending some time watching them (all).


Most new assets that I'll create (for S.C.O.T. and future games) will be done with 3D Coat, and also Truespace (which I still like very much).


Any other members out there who have 3D Coat (or other sculpting programs) that wanna share some creations/tips?



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I have thought about getting this. I don't like how z-brush killed sculpturis... so zbrush is on my angry list right now.

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Congrats ChrisV!


I have Zbrush and Sculptris ...havent had a need to use them much ...I mostly use Zbrush for importing .obj files to adjust their poly count more easily, maybe fix a few rough spots on the models...sort of like a final touch.


I know it has a 3D painting tool too but I havent used it yet..


The problem I have with Zbrush is that for some reason it cant handle the poly counts as advertised by Pixologic ....it claims its out of memory or it locks up when the poly count is too high ...but my computer is nowhere near maxed ..and my memory monitor only shows 4gigs being used .. if they got off their lazy butts and made a 64bit version I bet it wouldnt have that problem..

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I've been flirting with 3D coat for years now ... it seems like it would be perfect for me .. but never mustered the courage to take her on a trial though smile.png



@BES I use Zbrush at work and we have relatively crappy comps there, and It handles the advertised poly counts quite well, certainly much much better than any other software at that numbers... maybe you have it badly configured, or something else is going on...






.. anyway, congrats Chris, what are we drinking? wink.png

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I own Zbrush also and can say this is the only one supporting as much detail polygons number, i even use it on my lap laptop with a great amount of details.

- the detail sculpting is the best

- 3D painting is also one of the best specially with special features like carve percentage to paint on cavity (wonderfull for painting specular or diffuse on top of a normal map)

- With Dynamesh and Zspheres 2 , you go very fast to create abasic model now

- With new tools , hard surface is possible and i owuld say you can do as well as 3D Coat.



I have3D coat from long time , and yes it's wonderfull and complete packages , what i like a lot is :

- Painting (diffuse, normal,specular)

- Retopolgy (the best , fast and easyest way, specially quads tool)

- Render normal maps (not so bad)

- Voxel mixed with surface draw tools (primtives, add/substract, etc .. )

- Hard surface possibilities (you could make a house with it)

The bad is that it consumes lot fo memory in voxel mode, and it's very slow compared to Zbrush once you increase resolution one, two or three times !

The only way is to sculpt fast on high res, is to add resolution only when you have blocked the main shapes of your model.Caus each time the resolution is augmented, you have to work on more little zones.

Another way i too make the model in Voxel mode, retopology, than paint on the normal map all details you need on the surface texture ( what is lacking feature is a library of normal map standard stuff ).

That's why i find Zbrush lot more fluid and fast for mid/high resolutions and more a pleasure for that purposes.

It's up to you to learn how to work efficiently with 3D coat.



I used a lot Sculptris :

-A free tool ,usefull to quickley make basic models with details ( if you go far on details it will be too slow and you'll have memory problems)

- when you paint it's very regular , you have lot more control some times due to technology.

- Reduce polygon tools very usefull to remove unecessary polygons.

- For hard surface it's not the tool even if you can make hard surface stuff with it, but it won't be as precise and fast as other sculpting tools and you'll have to put lot more time refining your surface (it don't have the Hide/cut tool to make planes cut for example)


3D coat is all in one package , this is wonderfull , you stay in the same tool from beginning ot the final low poly model.

It has also the very usefull, seamless texture painting.

I can recommend it as one of the best affordable complete 3D suite.


Modo is also great, but the price is even lot more expensive and it seems lot mroe oriented for rendering scenes also.


Another one i have is Silo 2 , that is so smooth and fast ro low/mid poly modeling.


What really count is what you can achieve not only the tool :)

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I like 3D Coat, but i can't say that it is slow. Dunno about ZBrush, but with CUDA enabled, my PC can handle 127 million polygons relatively well. Not that that much polygons are neccessary, but it can do it!

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Thanks guys! Very pleased with the purchase, and I'm sure I'll have lots more fun discovering the software, creating all kinds of 3D art. smile.png

Good to see there are more sculpters on the forum, whether they use 3D Coat or another program! smile.png


.. anyway, congrats Chris, what are we drinking? wink.png

Hum...let me see...erm...do you like Belgian beers? tongue.png?

What about a Leffe?


What really count is what you can achieve not only the tool smile.png

Yup, that's quite a good statement! Having the skills is very important to achieve nice results, but the tool is equally important. Imagine cutting meat with a blunt knife...it will work, but the meat is being torn apart, instead of cut. wink.png


- With Dynamesh and Zspheres 2 , you go very fast to create abasic model now

I think the same is possible with 3D Coat, using 'Curves'. smile.png



I tried Sculptris too, but for some reason, the smoothing seemed to be gone when exporting the model, so when I imported it in another 3D package, the model was kinda 'blocky'...not smooth at all.


Would be nice to see some screens of your own sculpts. smile.png

Will post a few of mine (once I made some in 3D Coat) later on.



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I 've done some charactesr for some little indie projects, some good , others bad ,

Well i will make some bad *** ennemies for your game, so you'll see my skills are good , not bad, not the best compared to Industry veterans or 3D amazing artists people !


With 3D coat for makin gbuildings , arches, columns, etc ...

you just have to use the "primitives tools" in Voxel mode and use the Voxel Tree (ad object to another, substract one to another in the voxel tree etc ... ) Hard surfaces becomes so intuitive smile.png

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I never heard of Silo ...but I watched a video of it in the steam store ...looks useful ..and its only $60 :-)

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Yes , Silo 2 is cheap and solid and SO EASY to sue modeler.

Hard surface modeling or low/mid polygon modeling is just a pleasure with it.

- Universal Gizmo (move, scale,turn all in one accessible in same gizmo smile.png)

- Usefull tools (Select/cut/extrude by loop)

- Bind any key to any function by a click (you'll gain a lot of speed like that)

- Left click general menu (create (all primitves with options on left panel), and all other tools)

etc ...


For solid modeling , i can just recommend Sketchup free version also (so easy and fast to produce houses and any other soldi 3D assets)

you can adjust cylenders faces (by right click on selected and enter the number on faces input field)

And there are lot of usefull tools you can learn on Youtube (like extrusion along a path etc ...)

And last free version can export to Collada (you just need to import it under Blender 2.6 for example and merge all duplicated vertices than export to Obj or any other format.

It makes the workflow a bit longer, but when you go fast under Sketchup , it's good smile.png

(But well it don't have all control and features you can have under Silo or Blender indeed.)




For 3D coat what i like is that :


Another SO usefull features could it be in Voxel mode or texture painting mode : Masks

(You just have to go to some site like CGTextures and just grab grab any (Tiled or not) textures to use them in painting mode (diffuse/normal map) or directly in Voxel/surface mode to put easyly details on your model :)

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3D coat is a great collection of tools and v4 is a great improvement on them, definitely good bang for buck. If I’m not using 3D coat I’m working in Modo, which I can’t praise enough.

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Really having fun with 3D Coat!

It's such a relief to finally have a decent 3D program that is capable of doing all the necessary stuff to create game assets. smile.png

The ease of use and the ability to have all the tools available in one package to do texture baking, LOD creation, sculpting, texture painting (diffuse, bump, spec), hard surface modeling, and a lot more is just awesome!

Thanks again, Roland! smile.png

Now I can create hundreds of cool looking creatures to be animated later in iClone 3DXChange. biggrin.png

Here's the start of a torso for a character.




I also started on (re-)designing Celly's first weapon for S.C.O.T., but you'll have to wait a bit longer to see it, though. rolleyes.gif

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I like a lot Blender but for all hard surface modeling/UV, basic painting/rigging/animation.

I don't think it will become as fats and smooth as Zbursh, actually it can paint , but that's really not the purpose of the tool (and just turn your model in edit mode on a high res sculpting model to see Blender running as slow as 1 frame for every 5 seconds).

And there are too much tools and features on sculpting tools , but who knows we'll see what happens ...


For 3D coat yes it rocks !

If your game would have NPC characters here and here (merchants, forge characters etc ...), i would suggest you to make a generic body without too much muscle.


Anyway great start on your model.

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I have Silo 2 and 3D Coat and I also own 3DS Max and Maya I really like 3D Coat the most (yes over Max and Maya!) :P


I've used Silo 2 before and I had a lot of issues with it which makes it to unstable for me to even start a serious sculpt. 3D Coat is great though as said above its a one stop tool that does everything you need to get your high poly sculpt to a detailed low poly model. I am still pretty new to 3D Coat but after having some help from ChrisV on the basics I have a pretty solid understanding of most things now :)


I'll post some artwork up here soon as well! XD

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