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help seeking video software

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Hi folks,

what software do any of you recommend for recording a game play video of my current le project?

Any recommendations appreciated thanks.

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CamStudio gets the best quality for me. I never got FRAPS to get decent frames per second.


Calling bull on this. The world must really hate you if that really is true because FRAPS is way faster than CamStudio on any rig I've ever used......


CamStudio is free... but that's the only thing I'll give it over FRAPS when it comes to recording in game.

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The main question you need to answer.. do you need to capture on the same system or not ?


What i mean.. is the capture pc the same system you try to run the graphics on.

Most shots you see on for example on youtube uses a extra pc..


You can find HDMI capture cards on ebay for less then 100 dollar.


You can use these in a other system yust for capture.. or use fraps.. if you want to do it by software on the same system,

Dont forget that you need a good fast hardrive like ssd in raid if you want to capture direct to drive with capture cards.

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yes, doing the capture on a different, fast hdd/ssd drive can make a difference. Fraps is supposedly the best (in my, and most others opinion also), you can use it for free, but it's limited to 30sec and a watermark and only does OpenGL/DirectX framebuffer captures, Another option very much like fraps is Bandicam, the free version also puts a watermark on the video but it allows unlimited capture.. but you can capture regular windows also... Interestingly, Fraps was the only software capable of capturing sound on my laptop (and I tried a few)

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