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Dynamically making a DDS file


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I have a project going where I need to show dynamic content on the screen.

At the startup of the program I don't know what I'll be showing, but I know I'll be getting information and pictures from Facebook and other sources. The content depends on voting and wishes form users


Is there a good way to dynamically generate the DDS files so I can be showing content in a 3D space enviroment?

Just using the "flat" DrawText is bit boring in this case :)

Guess I can use a pack of 3D letters and animate them in LW. But still would like to import pictures on the fly

Here is a link to show what I would like to do (doubt I'll be doing this much in LW any time soon in an easy way)




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It sounds like...(I might be misunderstanding) you want to update a texture of an entity in your scene with the content of some buffer, onto which you can draw with whatever you want. This is actually pretty easy to do in Leadwerks. You might want to look into Buffers and binding textures. Someone can probably post an example of this for guidance.


You could do worse than take a look at the Theora video plugin in the Asset store. It's a bit technical but it attaches a Theora video buffer to a surface in a LUA entity.

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Thanks Cris and Flex. The technique I was thinking about, was to change a texture at runtime. And that it could be generated from any picture source into DDS and placed onto an entity (most likely a cube).

I haven't been doing much with this buffer thingie, but I'll read me up on it. I'll Also look into Theora, although never used LUA :)

The set color thing have most likely saved me allot of time


Thanks for the response



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