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Java lib for Leadwerks 2

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Hey ya, I wan't to use java for a schoolproject with leadwerks and looked at the tutorial for that kind of stuff.

Well I have some problems to get the Graphics command work in my sample.

I just use the same code as in the tutorial but use System.loadLibrary("engine"); to load the engine because with Native.register I get the following error: Unable to load library 'engine': Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.


Then I have a main function like that;


[size=4]public static void main(String[] args)[/size]
       int a = LE.Initialize();
       System.out.println("result:" + a);
       LE.Graphics(600, 800, 32, 0, 4);


But with the Graphics function I get the Error:


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Leadwerks.LE.Graphics(IIIII)I
at Leadwerks.LE.Graphics(Native Method)
at lo.main.main(main.java:17)
Java Result: 1


Hmmm, can somebody help me with that, it's very important for me get it working :)


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ok no probs glad you got it working.

Just tried it myself, seems there is something up with setting the working directory in net beans. I had to build the jar and drop it in the LW directory to run it.

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