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LE 3 ameliorations :

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Let's talk about actual stuff that could be better.


Could the 3D Gizmo be bigger in pixels and with bigger 3D models ? it's so thin with 3D lines, that it's hard to catch sometimes on high res.



We should have 3D circles for rotation Gizmo, it talks lot more than axes, il oose time with axes thinking on what axis i must choose to rotate on a direction :(



Could the detection be lot more precise when we select two axes on the gizmo ? (the yellow square for the two axes only appear when we click near end of the limit squarre and it should appear when we click anywhere inside the squarre)


So 3D Gizmo or bigger pixel lines gizmos would be better i think.



Another amelioration for BSP (even if im' not sure to use it for levels ?) :


The texture that will be applied when creating a new BSP model should be visible somewhere in some window panel or in menu bar,

not the name only , but the texture itself even if scaled down to some big icon size

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A good suggestion from Rystar :


A suggestion: It would be great if you could drag 'n drop the normal and specular textures from the asset explorer into the slots in the material editor. Even better if you could do that from the file system with an automatic import in between!


I agree automatic conversion is done when we use the import menu.

Could it be possible to have the drag and drop directly from a file in some explorer that would be automatically converted ?

And when drag and drop the image on some material slot, the image would be converted automatically than placed in the same directory of the material automatically.

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And when drag and drop the image on some material slot, the image would be converted automatically than placed in the same directory of the material automatically.

Nice idea.

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I put important other thread stuff as reminders :


Change the name fo the travelling camera script :


This is not a real 3rd person camera but a simple travelling camera , the script name should really be changed and not be named 3rdPersonFollow, this really brings confusion.


It don't change camera placement and orientation :

When you place your camera in the level created from the editor: the camera will keep that initial position and rotation.

This could put as comment on the actual travelling camera script : How it really works.




Camera and lights should have a gizmo showing the directions or some mesh representation in the scene :


You place a camera or a light there is no wya to see in what direction it points ?

All 3D modelers and some other engines editors, shows and represent le direction of camera and directionnal lights, and spotlights.

LE 3 editor should have same system.

Actually you rotate the camera, you don't knwo at all where it points, same for lights.

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Lights do have a gizmo when they are selected. I agree, cameras should too.

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Some of these might have been mentioned already:

  • A filter / search input for the asset / scene browsers.
  • You can select an object in the Scene browser and right click -> Go To : You should also be able to select an object in the 3d viewport and double click it to highlight in the scene browser.
  • Rightclicking a node in the Flowgraph editor should bring up Go To Script option that has a drop down list of all attached scripts that will open in the script editor when selected.
  • Ability to zoom in and out in the Flowgraph Editor and also put nodes into groups which just highlights them in a rectangle maybe with a label.

Just small things that can greatly improve productivity by being intuitive.

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The first item in your list is already in the asset browser.

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A question this time :

Would it be possible to NavMesh function to specify character rotation around Y ?

TO avoid to have to modify a character could it comes from any modeler with any axis conventions or 3D artists and exported as FBX.


Otherwise i think all people will have each time to come back to their modeler ?

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SCALING at same time in 3 axes :


Scaling uniformly a model is a real pain, caus characters for example should be scaled equally in all axes.

I know these tools are mainly thaught for BSP, but how do we do for models ?

In LE 3 that's impossible and each time a real headAche because we can only scale on 2 axes at same time and not 3 :(

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Creating a default project never contains a character and all stuff.

Lauching a project where i put a character with "Player.lua" just fails.

Even the script "Player.lua" try to load sounds :(


Could it be possible in the future to have some options at the creation of a project in "Project Manager" ?


Doing it by hand for each demo projects is so long and painfull.


New project dialog could have checkBoxes to import stuff like :

- Character and ressources (materials, sound etc ... )

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Another :


Beeing on any viewport ,the left click Menu show slot of items taht should be on some sub menu.


"zoom in, zoom out" : are mainly done by mouse why putting them in the menu ?

Grid size, viewport etc ... are not setting we will change a lot specially if we don't use BSP.


This menu should have some lot more usefull stuff that is really missing :



Yes beeing on a viewport, i select a goblins i would really like to see in right clikc :




This is very common of lot of editors to find such usefull commands instead of having of going to menu top or dragging again the model on the scene.

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In viewports, dragging a rectangle makes CSG primitives or waht is select in Objects tab panel.

In perspective viewport nothing happens.


it would be good to have some new icon to be able to select multiple objects at same time even in perspective view by dragging a 2D rectangle.


That's really lacking and it should work like that by default on perspective view :

- one click : select one object

- click and drag rectangle : select all objects in the rectabgle.

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SCALING at same time in 3 axes :


Still no uniform scaling Gizmo or shortcut ?


If you want to make rocks sizes variations it's a pain in LE3 without uniform scaling gizmo or a key shortcut sad.png

Also to rescale imported models , having to enter x,y,z values each time is just not bad workflow.

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