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Lua Scripts get messed up

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Hello again.


i discovered a very annoying bug when i experimented a bit with Lua.


I created a Project and added a lua File in a folder.


After developing a bit with lua i wanted to add another lua file. So i pressed with my right mouse-button in a free space on the right side and selected new->Script.


i entered a name and pressed ok. After that i was able to see the new file with the name.

When i doubleclicked the file the content was not from the new file but the old lua file i made before.


i checked the directory from the explorer and found the "renamed" lua file and a "New script.lua" file which is the actual new lua file. But it does not show up in the Editor.


After a restart of the editor i see all files. including the "New script.lua" files.

I then can create a new script again. But only once and after that it again just seems to rename the script and creates a hidden script.



I am using Windows 8 Pro if that should matter.


Since i cant think of why only i am having such problems i would like to know what i am doing wrong here.



Thanks in advance.

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The file reloading system is some of the most complicated code in the editor, and may still have some errors. Thanks for the report.

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