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In fact showcase i think is to display a real project you are making and already take shape.

Wip is just showing progress of what you do, it can be alpha stages or beginning of something that you are just beginning.


Yes , it should be named "What you are working on", i do'nt know how to chaneg title, if not delete post and remake one ?

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huh? isn't that what the showcase forum is for?


Glancing back to old TGC times, I would have thought showcase forum would be better suited to actual completed products that you want to show off. Maybe there should be an completely dedicated work in progress board here.

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if you are gonna have wip then it should be informative and give some indication of what you are working on.


I am working on a space game..have been for a while now..



Release by episode ...each episode with 3-4 chapters...at the end of each episode its the end of your characters life(or retirement at age 50)...the new episode will let you choose another character ..but you have to stay on that specific class you chose in the beginning of Episode 1.


The game will be an RPG,FPS,RTS,Flight Sim(space fighters) ..all rolled into 1 game ...IF I can pull it off..


3 character classes(so far..probably wont have any more) ..each class will share part of the main storyline just different perspectives ..(basically you can re-play the game and it will be different depending on choices and depending on if you chose a different class)


Right now the 3 character classes will be ...fighter pilot,marine, starship captain


The concept is to find a new home while exploring the universe, human evolution through exploration and finding new resources and tech..while encountering different races and/or creatures...


Exploration will cover planet surfaces,nebula's, gas giants,deep space,asteroid fields and other things(exotic etc)


Story will have limited voice acting (done by me and some family members), and choices ....choices will determine what happens in the game ...choices based on actions or what you selected in the dialog when speaking to NPCs


All ships will have some sort of shield system,


All ships will have some sort of weapon system,


All ships will have damage effects (debris flying off the hull..burn marks..actual parts blown off)


All ships will have realistic subsystem damage and internal damage ...like if your fighter got hit in the shield subsystem there will be levels of damage like low,med,high,destroyed and the cockpit will short out in that area depending on the level of damage..


Slow moving home base/colony ship (sort of like a moving Dyson sphere but smaller) as return base for any collected research or resources and where all the upgrades happen...


Same ship damage method as the fighter for the capital ships


Will try to have kb/mouse, 360 controller, joystick controls for characters and ships(already have the code)


Working on procedural planets with tessellation, atmospheric transitions,day/night cycles so you can fly through the atmosphere and land on any planet


Realistic suns (with all the fiery glory)


Marines get zero-g combat


Marine gear will use nanotechnology/holographic (body armor will deploy once in combat mode,same with weapons), optional sword for close combat..


Marines and ships are upgradable depending on research and technology found during exploration..


there is more but I think you get the idea..

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Guest Red Ocktober

has anyone got anything resembling a game (similar to the First Person project that Andy previewed) deployed onto one of the mobile platforms yet, that they could show... vid or screenies... or just a few words would be good...





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Sorry ...mine isnt that far along ....it could be ...but im in the middle of converting assets to one big folder so its easier for me ...since I have them spread all over 3Tb of drive space..havent been able to find anything very easily..


I have another pic though..


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