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Looks great smile.png

Simple, clean, just need gameplay now.


Lot less impressive as LE2 screenshots : 3D tiles of a Race track in the makings for a future free arcade racing Android game.

I'm stucked in how to have collisions on models now ?


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Yougroove I have already explained, you would silmply create a low poly shape for them models, you say your proficient with blender and being a modeller myself from looking at the screenshot it wouldn't take much to make collision shapes for them.


It's quite common workflow, while some engines have the ability to make shapes automatically, most use this same technique.



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In fact didn't understood, what i do with the collision shape i made ?

I don't know what to do with it ?

I can drag and drop the "Visual complex model" in the scene, and what i do with the low poly collision one ?

Where must i place it ? after import in FBX format ?

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there is an option to choose a shapefile?

All my question are that lol

Phy file is LE 2 , i don't use LE 2 or LE 2 tools.

How to do so ? Simple : there is no option for now.

Even new comers importing some race track for example will be stuck.


You are tsuck to use BSP or LE 2 engine with some LE 2 tools mixed with LE 3 , what a shame.


Anyway i have the simple shooter project with BSP, so i'll go back to that waiting for some responses on collision on models and what will be done.

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