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What are you working on :

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The pistol and arms are one model only.

What you can do is on Blender separate model from arms as two distinct models.

Thans in game start function attach gun to the hands bone by code, to switch gun , just remove pistol from 3D scene and attach by code another 3D pistol model.

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@Shirck :

You will need a complete 3D art pack containing :

- different Weapons

- 3D model arms having animations (idle, fire , second fire, reload , precise aim) for each weapons as each weapon is specific.

This is not only coding.



If you know how to make animations, just buy or use some arms and create yourself animations for pistol, rifle ,granade etc ...

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What you mean by setting ?

Like i said, you have just to attach the gun to the player hands by code.

And chaging weapon during game is just loading another model by code and attaching it to player hands.

( This could be some gameplay tutorial request : switch weapons ; i'll see if i can find an old basic attaching code)

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Another concept is the world- and view-model: The view model contains the gun with hands attached to it. That's what the player sees in first person view. The world model is for third person view, it's just the gun that is being attached to the players hands in third person.

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Could it be TPS or FPS, chaning weapon is same code, i really don't see the world or model view ?

Some FPS games keep keep an entire character model( not only arms ) and just place camera front of player head between arms, so you can switch TPS to FPS just changing camera position : above and behind player (TPS) or front of player head (FPS).

I'll see if i have time to produce such camera code also ?


TPS or FPS is just camera position and how to manage it, if you can program you can make any view type like behind shoulder and code the transition to some FPS aiming view. Anything is possible with camera independetly of wepons, player or whatever :)

After that you can make all weapons child fo camera or player model , you are not restricted to some way of doing, and there are lot of ways you can do it.

Or you can just make some pivot named Weapons_manager attached to player model and have all weapons and code management in ascript attached to that pivot like :

- switch_To_Gun

- switch_To_Rifle

etc ...

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Im talking about replacing the autopistol with my own model an animations. I know how to change the viewmodel in fpsweapon.lua, but Im not sure how do go about everything else (Animations and such are already present)

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It's all in the posts, just read them again smile.png

Switch to pistol and play pistol animations, switch to rifle and play rifle animations , that's all.

Post your weapons and animations, if you want us to take a look and make some basic weapon code changing.

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