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LE3 Beta testing feeling :

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LE 3 new system and workflow are great, but it lacks some programming functions really needed.

Some gizmos are missing, BSP lightmapping have some materiall problems when you do your own etc ..

The lightmapper gonna crazy in one simple level i made, character controller can also go crazy easily with barbarian only working etc .. etc ... and real function bugs.


Yes beta can be hard if you target to finalize a game, caus you'll have to wait for some stuff, or find some workaround minwhile. Lot of suggestions have been posted, caus yes LE3 is not finalized , it's a real beta laugh.png

It's frustrating on some points, specially if you need them and they are basic (bones attaching and functions, templates that are coming), but on the other side, it remains seriously promising when things will be taken account, serious bugs corrected, missing functions will be done.


Even on basic rendering , i mean for PC mainly, slef shadowing, shadows i find they become missing as i begin to program more want to do more in the game.


But i prefer stable, more complete programming and editor features in a first step , than eye candy and shadows.

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That last days i went againts some blocking issues :

- I discovered other problems when you create your custom lightmap material.

-Some very needed suggestion features are really missing (cam/light gizmos , better rotation gizmo , Delete key to delete assets/scripts and any other stuff etc ...)

-There is no way to physics taking model shape for collision (actually it's not possible other than from some strange Phy file ?)

Move out to the trap the "Phy" file , it's not LE 2 and use FBX instead.

-Some bugs in refresh system that makes the files we see not always what is really on hard drive etc ...

-GUI system is really missing.


Actually BPS is the best solution to use Leadwerks 3, it can be fine and you can make some game like "Darkness" or some "Doom" like.

And it lacks CSG booleans actually also.


I can't imagine to make a complex race track curves in BSP laugh.png when i can do that with splines in a modeler in some seconds.


Well all is not so "Beta" indeed :

I like it's Lua script indeed and possibility for attaching code.

We can import our own Lightmaps models (not lights unfortunatelly)

Workflow is good as some other engines.

We have basic dynamic standard shader working good (for custom models i only tested normal map and diffuse until now)

We can prototype very quickly gameplay.



It's just my feeling we are in Beta and LE 3 core is not solid enought.

And it will need some 6 months or end of the year to be solid (bugs correction, suggestion taken account ? , new eye candy features, perhaps a GUI system and editor).



Will bugs and suggestion be priority before moving to eye candy stuff ?

Will some update be planned for all that amount of bugs and suggestions that have been reported on the forum ?

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Im' not Fan of Leadwerks 3, Esenthel or Unity, UDK or Ogre 3D or whatever ...

I just use one or two engines mainly.

And i'll try to reach a playable game with the engine that will have what i need and can use.

LE 3 and another super popular engine are the main ones i use caus of easy script.


The programming part is ok now for me in LE 3 , i have the programming Lua skills to do the game i plan.

The Beta feeling comes from all the reported bugs and no date for some near update ?

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I will be working on bug fixes when I get back from the GDC. I am out of town right now.

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Guest Red Ocktober

please don't take this the wrong way 'Grove... it's not intended to be blunt or derisive... but surely, you didn't expect Leadwerks 3 to be bug free and ready to make a complete game from day one of the release, did you...


you must've known that you were purchasing a license for what amounted to an "early adopters" version...


you must've read the questions and reservations that some members expressed about things...


and you must've read where Josh told the community that bug fixes were on hold until Josh returns from GDC...



hang in there... i'm sure good things will be forthcoming...



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I agree it's Beta and i accepted.


I don't know if it is myself that uses too much LE 3 menus , functions, workflow and try lot of things with 3D models and workflow other people i think don't try ?




In fact it depends on what people do or try with LE 3. If you stay on some simple sure fields, use characters and material provided in the demo "Darkness" indeed you won't see lot of problems, but once you get to make your custom models, materials, collision etc ... then you'll have a lot sad.png



Even the copy/paste on BSP or models that put an offset in each axes, really i said , no , not possible ... i will loose so many time each time i duplicate to re align objects in the axes sad.png

Or like i had to copy a working lightmap material with a custom texture, caus making a new one with same parameters and shader didn't worked ?





So yes, i just can let down LE 3 for now, i won't be bale to prototype good gameplay with physics problems, or reach to make a good lightmapped level with some lightmapping issues i had.

At least i have reported all strange things and bugs i found like other people have done, until some months to have all that ok, i can just let LE 3 editot take a break laugh.png

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Testing Android with a custom LE 3 installation directory won't work :(


I loosed lot of hours re installing and found that bug for example :



I hope things will be better and improved in next updates ?

My feeling is for people sticking with LE3 strictly (installtion default folder , use simple materials etc ...) the can achieve something.


But for people like me choosing their own installation directory, making their own 3D content , trying things with the editor (collision bugs etc ... )... well it will be bugs and problems dry.png

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Just got another Android problem sad.png

I baught LE3 for Android not for PC.


It's a deception today, i loosed all my day figuring how to do with some bugs.

How to make Android publish and Build , but i think it's impossible for me specially caus i installed LE 3 in my own directory.

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I publish and build on my android tablet about 10 times a day for testing my game. No problems here.

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I already replied to your other post. If you give up because of the install directory, then that's pretty sad.

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I have several other big bugs and problems Rick.

Not only Android, Custom collision mesh is bugged , so i can't use my level models.

This is also a Main issue for me.

And my goal is 1 or 2 free casual games on Android within next weeks, i didn't talked about that , but this is not possible actually with LE3 it seems.

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I have several other big bugs and problems Rick.


At least you now accept that you have serious problems laugh.png

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I bet it is possible with LE3 even in it's current state. You might just have to think differently and do things differently than the way you are used too.

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