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Register abstract paths for Editor resources

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Specifically for Vex, we store our assets as an external on our SVN, and keeping the Editor in the bin folder with the game executable.


Like this:

SVN Root/Assets

SVN Root/Bin/Editor.exe


For that reason, it would be great if we could add abstract paths to the Editor for loading resources from different places.




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Right now you can set one path for everything to be loaded from, in Options>Paths>Game path.


One quick way to add more paths is you could create a script in the "Scripts/start/" folder and add the lines to register those extra abstract paths.


I actually always keep the editor in a separate folder from the engine, because the source code needs to be separate.

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Having multiple paths is a nice idea. I really like good old Worldcraft, and how they have a million buttons and little windows for everything you do. Something like that with an ability to add paths would be nice.

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