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I like LE3 very much

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Im' not fan of any 3D engine, i used some , didn't reached to make a game project.

Even there is no perfect 3D engine for each specific people needs and goals.


But i didn't felt so good about a 3D engine before long time after Blitz3D.

And here we reamin in indie field, that's important also.


So i think i should talk about it why i like LE3

I like :

- the learning curve is super fast if you have some fundamentals in game making and script.

-the Project Manager, projects are so clear to mananeg with it.

-Project organisation, how easy to create a new C++ or Lua game.

-The drag and drop for assets , easy shader selection, all is smooth and fast.

-FBX import , animations extractor just works so great.

-Lua script is really learnable even for non super programmer.

-And script attaching feature, Lua variable exposition to panel , and be able to make a complete game

without going C++ is top.


Yes it remains some big bugs, some suggestions that make lot of sense and that can become essential.

I would have prefered next update not centered in graphics, but in bugs and suggestions.

But i understand some users asking shadows, advanced rendering, and Josh must attract the most people possible with eye candy new stuff people want in priority.

I hope priority to come back to some good suggestion that have been posted and their possible implementation.


Despite that, i can create fast from Blender to LE 3 and prototype a game quickly.

Lot more than easy and fast than another 3D engine i followed too much years and that is really outdated in these editor/workflow areas.


I hope Flowgraph Editor to evolve in future updates also , it think it's promising , and pure 3D artists could find ready to use ones, for different game types.


Yes i just wanted to say that LE3 even basic rocks to make games.




Thanks to Josh.

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Well you certainly seem to be having fun yougroove/ But its your game that needs to be fun. I mean fun to play, otherwise all the pretty graphics in the world won;t mean a dammed thing.rolleyes.gif

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Indeed , no fun game , no popularity, less sales laugh.png


Yes perhaps "Pleasure" instead of "Fun" was better word.


I think this feeling is perhaps particular to me , because i come back from a bad experience, caus i was stuck in some very old German 3D engine, that never have been revamped from ground from 2006 year.

I used it from too much time , and now i regret indeed to have loosed so much time in i and didn't had switched for other 3D engines before.

The workflow was a real pain , shader assignment by code also, ... all was a so big waste of time, FBX import was lot of problems like characters at wong place and rotation in several axes, no unified lightening or shader system.

Even the script was too much like C language with some painfull things ,like initialisation of all variables and arrays mandatory sad.png etc ...

Well i see now, if i didn't had used it, perhaps i would have finished a game laugh.png


I was lot more stopped to really make a game confronting to all that problems, even trying to import some stuff was broken, lightening was broken also, several times i just get stuck on various problems or code and let down each time i made 3D assets and tempted to make some game prototype.


That's my fault to have been stuck with it, and did not moved to others 3D engines quicker and eralier.


With LE 3 :

I can use Lua in really well to do lot of stuff easyly, i have gonna to a good level i didn't reached with the other engine.

I can really express myself in Lua , and import models, textures, put shaders , test a scene all smoothly and even faster.


I think that's this finally bad experience with wrong 3D engine, and after using LE3 intensively these days, that makes me a felling like coming back to PLEASURE of game making like in good old days of BLitz3D smile.png

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yeah. After Blitz3d which I enjoyed using I moved to 3d game studio but the standard version had no physics.

I purchased le 1 and have stuck with leadwerks since then. I don;t have le3 yet but will purchase soon.

In the meantime I am watching and learning

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Guest Red Ocktober

Blitz3D wasn't a game engine, per say... it was a BASIC programming language with dx7 rendering built in...


3D GS had a lot of potential... i played with that for a while... found it just a lil awkward in how it did things...


as for physics... who needs it!!



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as for physics... who needs it!!

With physics you can make a game without arts and game logic. That is of course the extreme end example, but linearly it reduces the costs to make a game when you need arts and more game logic.

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Guest Red Ocktober
With physics you can make a game without arts and game logic.


a game without game logic!!??


an interesting idea... but as far as physics is concerned, i usually wind up writing my own routines... except for flight simulations, in which i could never get all the forces require working properly...


usually, there's no need to code basic collisions... just more esoteric stuff... like jumping, floating in fluids, ballistics, etc...


a loooooong time ago, in Blitz3D... i needed a general purpose buoyancy object from which i could base other more complex objects on... since B3D had no physics i decided to try my hand at writing my own...




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Some of the best games in the world use physics:


- Angry Birds

- World of Goo

- Osmos and almost every other endearing 2D game to top the charts use physics

- Most 3d FPS and 3rd Person shooters employ physics one way or another.

- Almost all driving games depend on physics for realistic driving motion

- Almost any underwater game or submarine simulator relies on physics

- Flight simulators, dogfighting games and space games all use physics


Other than that, I just cannot think of much else that uses physics???



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