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Creating new assets

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Using Mac OSX 8.3

When creating a new folder or asset (such as material), the typed name doesn't show in the editor tree. It displays the default name. When I try to rename the newly created object, it fails stating that it can change the name. When looking at the object in the file system, it shows the proper name (the name i typed in). A reload fixes this. This is more of a nuisance than anything.

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You should search in Bugs and LE3 before posting : There are known bugs.

Josh is concentrating on GDC event, you can expect bugs correction for the next update after the event.

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This is how I understand this report to read:


When a new material is created, the file extension is not shown in the asset browser on OSX.


I created a new material and the file extension is visible. Therefore, I will assume this is solved.

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