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Lua protection

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I want to also release my game for PC & Mac, but I made it via Lua. Is there any protection we can do? LE related or a 3rd party packager or something?

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SmartPacker will do that:



There are also some undocumented ways to set a zip file password:

Package* package = Package::Load("data.zip");
package->password = "mypassword";


Android is a problem, because we don't have any control over the creation of the APK file, and Android apps don't have a file system.

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Is it code or assets you are trying to protect?


There are things out there like exe-packager et al. which takes all your data and the exe and makes a single package. Some of these let you encrypt etc. The problem is that a lot of these un-pack your stuff upon running to a temporary area and then delete this when your game ends.


That sounds all good, but there is nothing stopping a person going into that area whilst the game is running and getting your assets anyway.


TBH, I wouldn't worry about anyone taking anything... if people want to they will anyway. The only issues you really have is licensing agreements if you have used models etc from 3rd parties i.e. turbosquid or similar. Most of the time they do not allow for assets to be given out in a readable format, so you will be breaking that (even with the packager mentioned above). There was a post here from Josh saying that sounds used on the Darkness game shouldn't be used in your products because he didn't have a redistribution license. If that is so, that is a breach of his licence... those assets shouldn't be included at all. Saying don't use is not enough.


If it's code, why bother to protect it? I'm guessing it is just simple game logic, not Unreal Engine 5 that you have written.

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But basicly the .exe + lua scripts = leadwerks engine. (without editor), which might violate some Leadwerks EULA?

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