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Sooo Will Leadwerks Work with Occulus Rift?

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oh nice you're talking about it, I'm waiting for my dev-kit too... they early said would be shipped along April, now May, I hope it will not be delayed again cause I'm too excited to put my hands on it and play with their SDK.

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Guest Red Ocktober
It still won't end up being some wild fire device you see selling like hot cakes, trust me on that fact, not going to happen and you can quote me on that smile.png


LOLZ @ Zum smile.png good one...


hey, would this qualify as selling like hot cakes to you...






smile.png ok... i'm trying to pull a fast one here, these are just dev kits going out... but when the consumer release is available i think you'll see a whole lot of the boxes leaving the shipping dock... many more than from the shelves of that proverbial pancake shop smile.png



and while i think that solving some of the rendering aspects were more than trivial, Flex raises an important point which i fully agree with... "Enclosed VR brings a set of user-input problems to the table" which you'll notice in the video above " is where you'll notice the testing focus is with this stuff"...


and yes,


VR headsets do have the advantage in that they hide the disapproving look on the wife's face smile.png




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Fortunately, either way it goes, the flexible nature of our API means Leadwerks will be able to adjust accordingly. It's simple to render two cameras side by side and adjust the field of view, with Leadwerks 2 and 3. Our foundation of C++ means you can hook into any API calls the Oculus Rift SDK exposes, without waiting around for us to write an implementation for you.

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Personally I think it needs a dedicated official implementation, and of course in Lua. It would pay for itself in no time.

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