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VS linker errors

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Why do I get hundreds of linker errors when building in debug:



1>Leadwerks.lib(Emitter.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB 'vc100.pdb' was not found with 'Leadwerks.lib(Emitter.obj)' or at 'E:\GameProjects\Crawler\vc100.pdb'; linking object as if no debug info



Is ignoring this warning number the only way to remove this warning or is there some other setting in VS for this?

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Getting the same here.


From S/O: http://stackoverflow...-not-found-with


Josh didn't include the PDB (program database) file that VS compiles when in debug alongside the lib files.


Usually, you could just disable the warning through /wd4099 in the compiler or /ignore:4099 in the linker. However, Microsoft has made it un-ignorable by design, which is so frequent and annoying that this happens:




The only solution that actually exists on your end is to patch your linker. You heard that right, go hex edit the link.exe file in your Visual Studio installation. If you don't mind doing that, here's an article that describes how: http://michaelnoland...-was-not-found/


(But really, it's a mistake from Leadwerks not to include vc100.pdb. It shouldn't be our burden to fix that warning).

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I've seen this before in Visual Studio, and it just required a project clean.

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As in "Build > Clean Solution"? That doesn't work.

If you build twice in a row, it won't link the second time, so you won't get the warnings again, but if you rebuild, you will.

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I don;t have le 3 yet, but I intend to buy it. I am not looking forward to visual c+= express however.

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