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Lazlo Bonin

Editor Workflow Suggestions

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From playing with the editor within the last hour as a "vanilla" user, here's what I miss for my workflow:



  • Option to toggle grid (Set grid size to 0, although could be a checkbox)
  • Option for mouse look sensitivity
  • Option for camera move speed
  • Ability to import more than one file at once from the import dialog
  • "Import..." right-click menu button in the asset list
  • Shortcut for import (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows, Cmd+Shift+I on Mac)
  • Delete shortcut in the asset list (Del on Windows, Cmd+Backspace on Mac)
  • Rename shortcut in the asset list (F2 on Windows, Enter on Mac)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste shortcuts in the asset list (Ctrl/Cmd+X/C/V)
  • Ability to drag assets in the asset list to other folders
  • Grouping by object-type in the scene treeview
  • Shortcut for gizmos (e.g. Alt+M/Alt+R/Alt+S/Alt+Z for move/rotate/scale/shear)
  • Shortcut for recently loaded maps (Ctrl/Cmd+1/2/3/.../9)
  • Option to lock Z-axis when rotating in the model and material editors
  • Ability to select multiple models and batch-resize them
  • Ability to select asset from right-click menu on instance



  • Icon for the import menu item
  • Instant search in the scene treeview (possibly with a shortcut, e.g. F3)
  • Option to toggle hardware AA (should be feasible with forward-OGL)

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There is already lot of stuff asked , like Bigger and more easy selectable Gizmos.

New Rotation Gizmo than old style actual one

etc ... we wait for some magic gizmos to appear :)

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Well. but some stuff is already possible i think.

For example "toggle grid lock" at Edit->Grid Snap.


resize multiple models: CTRL + klick on models in Editor then resize?


Import multiple files. Maybe try to drag and drop multiple files into the editor? didn't tested it.

Or maybe just copy them into your project directory.

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we need better editor (CSG boolean, better visual texture manipulation on BSP, gizmos etc ... )

Just my point of view.

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I'm not for lot of shortcuts, but like Blender people should be able to change them at any time and save them.


For copy some model , you can already do it :

- just select it and keep the mouse button down

- press CTRL

- and drag mouse to duplicate it

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