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Lazlo Bonin

Map assets do not refresh after modification

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(This could be seen as a suggestion, although it is so cumbersome for the workflow and so counter-intuitive that I file it as a bug)


Description: When editing and saving an asset (texture, material or model), the changes are not instantly applied to all instances of the asset in the currently loaded map.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Place a model in the map.
  • Edit the model (resize, change materials, etc.) or one of its linked materials or textures
  • Save your modifications


Expected: The instances of the model are reloaded to reflect the changes.

Happens instead: Nothing.


Workaround: Currently, I have found two ways to display the modifications, both of which are cumbersome:

  1. Reloading the whole map, which is long because the Editor doesn't have a Ctrl+1/2/3/... shortcut for the recently loaded maps.
  2. Deleting all instances of the asset in the map, then re-adding them. For some reason, if I don't delete all of the instances, it seems to keep the "cached" version of model when I add more.

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