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Alpha issue

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Hi all,


Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug. See image below.....






On the right is Photoshop where clearly the alpha fades out from black to 0 opacity.


When imported into LE3 the black appears to fade from white to 0 opacity.


Any ideas what's happening?



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Hi All,


@shadmar: It's just a .psd saved in the LE folder.


@Mike: Even when I zoom the issue is very obvious, the alpha fade is white. I probably should have taken screens of a similar scale.


@Aggror: I created an alpha channel for the image then created a black background so there is no transparency in the image. Now it's coming though properly Thanks! Still something is wrong here, I shouldn't have do do that.



If I save the image as a .png the alpha appears as it should, looks like it's a bug with the import of .psd files.

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This is a common issue with .psd's. not sure about LE but I get the same issues with psd and Unity. Creating an actual Alpha channel instead of using the transparent background is a necessity.


Like you have found png and tga handles transparency differently, but the doesn't help when you want to retain layers for fast on the fly editing.

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