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Complete game tutorials

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Given Josh's latest comments about blurring the lines between modding and indie development YouGroove may get his wish of just modding an LE game Josh makes.


I don't get it.... there are so many good games out there to mod already made by big companies with 100s of employees... I don't see the point...


Also... I think everyone is putting a lot of weight on this 1 comment Josh made... It's not like he hasn't changed his mind a lot in the past.

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My wish was more code template examples, not necessary full modding game.

Wen you have some engine to manage , all bugs, new features, suggestions, i doubt you have time for making other stuff also.

Even tutorials won't come , so i doubt games to mod to come , i mean complete game level with all NPS, GUI, inventory etc ... not simple game from scratch.

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Yeah aggrors tutorials are brilliant. Helped me a lot, in fact they made my decision to buy le3 easier when I was wavering.In the third person tutorial theres even an example of EntityDistance which is not included in thr api.

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