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E3 2013 :


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Nintendo is still borring with all Mario platforming, too much mario platform titles in too short time, and all the same alsmot , like Nintendo is following Capcom way of doing sequels laugh.png.

Xenoblade sequel perhaps will be another amazing Gem ? as Xenoblade was so great, real Japanese RPG.

All new games a lot are devil May cry clones, FPS , racing , no real new stuff, even FF15 seems again very far form FF roots, Final Fantasy is turning out into spectacular Rpg action than anything else.

It will be people

New consoles is more detailled scenes, more polygons, this is more beautifull indeed, but PC will do better in some one or three years.

And i prefer to save money for my car or other more important stuff wink.png

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I can't imagine an indie guy or little team producing such games with such quality,animation,effects, interfaces, and all art content.


No, but I can imagine an indie coder or team making a more fun game.

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Haven't played so can't comment directly on the gameplay but I haven't found many of the great graphical achievement games out their match it with gameplay. They're ok but not great. It's always the same thing done over & over.


I miss unique. Dun get me wrong my big indie project isn't re-inventing the wheel I'm just trying to shine it a little. I do however, have a very unique idea for a platformer but don't have the coding ability to produce it lol

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<p>" It's always the same thing done over & over."


Yes , i agree with that over numbered sequels are becoming very repetitive, they don't put enought "fresh" gameplay in sequels.

Even lower specs, even with some repetitive game like Mario platforming, WII U will have not choice than differientate on the gameplay side than graphics.


New Next Gen games will cost even lot more, caus more 3D art, more detailled world, more characters details and facial animation etc ...

or the big company just stay with 360 and PS3.

I think these consoles will have interest when some good games like : Castelvania, Dark Souls, Mass effect and some other great ones will come to these consoles with advanced graphics, and advanced characters expressions and motion

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Think FF7, bad graphics even for the time, bad comparison to all the sequels after it. Insanely good gameplay, long playtime. (imo best of all the FF) some FF players go with 8 or 9 but i've not heard anyone praise the ones after with such high regard.

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Nope , graphics was great o nthe TV we had, caus it wasn't high res, and pre rendered backgrounds or cinematics was amazing for the years it was out

Only characters in exploration mode was blocky, but not so bad

One of the best music RPG ever made , long and amazing story , Deep character traits and design, varied amazing rendered backgrounds, deep RPG with tons of stuff to to (mini games etc ... ) and to find (materias, bosses ...), world and character design at top.

They go action, perhaps no menus is better ? the video looked a lot like some Devil May cry than FF.

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