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Blender Help?

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I just completed my first ever human model and now I am rigging it. However I have ran into a wall which i can't get around and I have no idea how that wall got there! I have 3 bones for the arm: Upper, Lower, and the ArmIK. I RMB the ArmIK the shift-RMB to add the lower arm to it then i create inverse kinematics. Set the chain length to two. Everything looks dandy yea? well in pose mode when i select the ArmIK to move the whole arm with IT WONT MOVE! I double checked to see if the parent is set to the ArmIK and it is.My only option is to rotate when i click on it but i can't get it to move! I can move the arm with the UpperArm bone but that isn't what is supposed to happen sad.png I did this same process for the leg and it works fine, but the arm for some reason won't work.

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